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Park 19
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Explore latest art thought,spread humanistic art value.

PARK19 is the utopia of spirit,the practice of gifted artists’ ideal,the exploration of the“Unity of knowledge and action” theory,and the spititual home for all fellow travelers.

Found in 2003 in the south, PARK19, the contemporary international art institution is honoured as “Guangzhou Left Bank” by media. She has close corporation with relevant domestic and international art organizations, artists and senior cultural personages. And she termly holds all kinds of transboundary art communication,Including art exhibitions, art academy, experimental theatre, support artists, the international art workstations, to recommend outstanding artists, scholars, experts and high-qualitiy artworks.

Generally speaking, PARK19 devotes herself to exploring latest art thoughts, spreading humanistic art value, creating special art lifestyle and building bridges for art communication.

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