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In 1999, Léwin was founded in Lille, France. At the beginning, with the influence of Renaissance and his fully understanding for people’s requirements about the modern house electrical appliance functions, Léwin designer combined modern pop art, designed and restored the styles of the control panels for the household devices, thus came the product style of Léwin: Perfect combination of art and science. Léwin becomes the symbol for family life of fashion and art for its remarkable quality, prominent originality and exquisite technology.

While seeking on its brand road, Léwin defines the smart control products within a family as ”household functional decoration”, becoming the only brand that could provide personalized&customizable smart home products in its field around the whole world now. It covers 6 series, using many kinds of materials. Its variety just meets the personalized requirements from different customers, and greatly satisfied designers’ perfect seeking for combining the decoration styles and intelligentization.

All projects of Star-River, Beijing Diaoyutai State,Court No.7, Beijing Hotel Xiagong Fu, Beijing Hesheng Xiaoyun Road 8, Beijing Palais De Fortune, Beijing Guangqu Lujinmao Fu, Beijing Wangjing Jinmao Fu, Beijing Tai He Hong Yu, Beijing Rong Chuang Xi Shan Court No,1, Beijing WanKe BeiHe yan Jia 77, Shanghai Greentown Bund House, Shanghai Lvdi Haipo. Rihui. Xuhui, Shanghai Gubei No. 1, Shanghai Huangpu Bund Garden, Guangzhou World Coast, Guangzhou Zhujiang River Roman Garden – Longxi, Hainan Agile Clear Water Bay, Changsha Yun Da Central Plaza, Zhengzhou Jianye Tianzhu, Zhengzhou Yuhua Yingbin Road No.3, Chengdu Yitai Tianjiao, etc.

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