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Qiao Shiguang Gallery
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Qiao Shiguang Gallery is located in Shamian Island, Guangzhou. Shamian, once named as Shicui Zhou, was actually a permanent sand bank in the Pearl River. Toward the end of the Opium Wars, both France and England selected this small sand bank as their concession and built it into an island.

Now Shamian Island has become the ID card of the city.

Qiao Shiguang Gallery, a former Portuguese Consulate site, is an ancient western architecture building, having a history of more than 110 years. This building was designed and modified for the East Asia Trading Company in 1905 by Purnell and Paget, the most famous architect at that time. And now it has been decorated once again for Qiao Shiguang Gallery, only made internal reformation to remain as much as possible its original architectural style and features. After the decoration, with the aesthetic style integrated with contemporary philosophy and European amorous feelings, the Gallery has become an arts hall for the exhibition of the works of masters of art.

There are three floors in Qiao Shiguang Gallery with a total of 2 art walking corridors, 3 reception rooms and 6 theme exhibition halls. Equipped with complete exhibition facilities, the Gallery has the characteristic of openness and public participation for reaching the operation philosophy of bring art to life and making art a part of life. Thus it can really make a perfect combination between elegant architectural design, ingenious original art and high quality life.

Accumulated years of experience, we have reached cooperation with many brand organizations such as Lasony Investment, Hurun Report,, South Cultural Equity Exchange, Bazaar Art, Entrepreneurs Daily, Shuhua Fine Arts, Contemporary Lacquer Painting, Bafang Classical Auction, Deep Interact by Integration, etc. and built a good platform for art organizations and artists. In addition to the exhibitions, we have also organized many brand activities. It will make your guests feel unique artistic atmosphere and enjoy high quality private custom services to choose the Gallery with the value of cultural relics as the place for business or personal activities.

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