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“YaJu life” is the Guangdong area is the only one to the real name system to deliver the professional home kind of DM magazine, the target readers to focus on quality of life of the property owners and designers. Magazine is committed to the concept of a harmonious home to correct guidance, master, and take into account the practical, close to the owner’s life. More details of the exclusive planning or special writing to make it full of guiding value, humanistic care and visual impact. Promote home decoration style, exploration and scientific nature. To wonderful words, beautiful pictures at a deep level, multi angle interpretation of current home must know the philosophy of life, operation plan, and become the pursuit of quality of life for the new owners of essential desk reference book and handbook.

” YaJu life” for the 16 format, the book uses 128 grams mirror coated paper imports, color printing, to ensure to show the reader the most aesthetic visual effects. Young creative group by dint of artistic sense and innovative spirit, and professional photography and eye-catching layout, ” YaJu life” unique in the magazines of this kind.

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