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Established in the United States, TF Media Group Inc. is an international Chinese-language media, providing valuable information and service to Chinese people all around the world. Located in Manhattan, New York City, TF Media Group Inc. also has its branch offices in San Francisco and Guangzhou, China. We spare no effort to encourage cultural exchange between those Chinese in the United States and China. We could also unite those overseas Chinese, Chinese enterprise and public institutions stationed abroad, as well as Chinese students in the United States. To promote the exchange visits including education and business dealings, we organize grand art exhibitions, seminars, international competitions and other kinds of cultural and academic communications.

With the purpose of eliminating the spatial and temporal isolation, as well as the cultural barriers, between the two countries, Todayfocus App is a “Sino-US information social media platform”, dedicating to provide practical education and life information to young Chinese people, and build up a transnational social network. Through our online and offline services, we could help our app users travel, study, get internship opportunity and get employed in the United States more efficiently and conveniently.

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