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SOCOSO Jewelry
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SOCOSO Jewelry was born in China in 2009. Designer Su Jiefeng has forever been drawn to tradition and the pureness of oriental aesthetics.

Jiefeng has committed himself to the ever growing contemporary gemstone design movement, promoting a concept of liberty at the moment.
SOCOSO jewelry’s uncomplicated designs are in essence a fusion of expressive Western jewelry and the implicit nature of the Chinese White Jade culture.

Su’s designs are demonstrative of unadulterated Oriental charm, silent vitality and true harmony between dynamic and static.
The New Jade Movement came to life in the early 2000’s when Jiefeng recognized the need for Jade jewelry to be revitalized.

The movement is dedicated to look beyond the limitation of traditional jade sculpture techniques. It endeavors to marry contemporary designs with sophisticated western craftsmanship to carry the Oriental gem into the Belle Époque of the global art scene.

The first pieces in the New Jade Movement were showcased at the 2012 Hong Kong International Jewelry Fair. It caught the attention of the international media and was an all round success.

Early the following year Jiefeng’s Orchid Hairpin and White Jade Ring again brought the New Jade Movement to the forefront of the global jewelry industry. Etienne d ‘Arjemont, the founder of the authoritative jewelry magazine, Dreams, noted that this was a groundbreaking revolution that would leave a lasting mark on the global jewelry industry.

Jade has forever played a prominent role in traditional China. Since the days of the Shang dynasty, elegant jade crafts have dominated the Chinese nation’s jade altar as an Oriental treasure. Leaving a lasting mark in art history and a precious heritage for the world arts.

Jiefeng hopes to use the New Jade Movement as a platform to inspire and challenge cutting edge design so that this ‘oriental treasure’ will once again shine on the global stage and open a new chapter for the Chinese jewelry scene.

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