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Metis is above all a state of Mind, a mix of skills, culture and professionalism. Founded in 2008, Metis offers one of the most frontline product and space design in the PRD. Since the start of the company, Metis has created a series of stylish interior and architectural designs from classical to modern, minimalism, and an Eurasian style, which showcases the design acumen and creativity of the designers.

As an independent design agency with a global vision, Metis makes use of the best architectural concept and edge-pushing ideas.Combined creative ideas with technical knowledge, acquired from solid experience, is the core of Metis’ values.

For company seeking to differentiate their product, building infrastructure and interior space, Metis offers one of the best designs that encapsulate creativity, innovation, and a blend of Eurasian elements.

We believe that good design provides timeless beauty and longevity. It is what we constantly pursue: exceptional quality and value. In this ever-changing world, we look for the values that are consistent with humanity and the laws of nature, and apply them to the design in order to create places that grow and adapt over time. Metis will help you enhance your lifestyle.

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